Cookie Challenge

Today’s mission, which I choose to accept since it’s my challenge anyway,  is to make a vegan chocolate chip cookie to please my omni boyfriend.  To accomplish this task I’m breaking out my newly purchased, and newly released by the way, copy of Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar (hereafter known as VCIYCJ).  I will have to take a jaunt to the market though, as I was perusing my supplies I appear to be out of just about everything I need, except flour, sugar,  salt, baking soda, chocolate chips…Well ok, I have just about everything but I like to make my daily trip to Whole Foods.  So off I go…by the way this is my classic form of homework avoidance.  How can I be writing my research paper when cookies need to be baked???  I ask you!

I actually ended up using the chocolate chip cookie recipe from VWAV.  I bought this really cute vintage egg beater and wanted to see if it would work to cream the EB and sugar together.  It didn’t work…I guess that’s why it’s called an egg beater and not a sugar creamer.  See how cute it is though?  I may have messed it up in the process as it doesn’t seem to rotate quite as smoothly now.

CC Cookies 001

So I went back to the old wooden spoon method

CC Cookies 002

The dough looked a little crumbly after I mixed it all up.

CC Cookies 003

I kind of had to squish it together on the spoon as I was dropping it on the baking sheet.  I probably should have used my 1/2 cup measuring cup instead of just eyeballing the 1/2 c. measure on my 1 cup. 

CC Cookies 004

But they baked up beautifully and they passed the taste test according to my son and daughter.  So they’re all bagged up and ready for eatin’.  We’ll see if they pass the BF taste test.

CC Cookies 006


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