Hash – Not Corned Beef

Even So-Cal is getting a bit brisk in the evening, especially since it gets dark at 5:00pm.  I wanted something homey, and warm, and filling for dinner and my search turned up this totally yummy Sweet Potato Tofu Hash.  It was exactly what the doctor ordered, a little sweet, a little smokey and spicy, with the crunch of almonds and a little bit of freshness from the parsley.  It was super easy to throw together in one pot, gotta love those one pot meals; just a little chopping, and stirring and it was done.  Plus the beautiful thing is I have enough leftover for lunch tomorrow and my son can have some for dinner tomorrow (he’s at his father’s house tonight so he missed out).  I threw the sweet potato in my daughter’s oven while I ran to Sprouts to pick up some tofu.  Fortunately she lives next door so this wasn’t out of my way.  While I was there I picked up a carton of Pumpkin Spice Silk, which I thought would make a super delicious pumpkin pie shake/smoothie.  I guess I’m just in the mood for all the holiday type flavors.  I feel a batch of the Best Pumpkin Muffins from VWAV coming over me.  Stay warm!

(Bad picture, I forgot to throw the battery on the charger so I had to use the old camera again!)



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