This morning I had to get out of the house rather quickly after spending too much time reading the paper so I needed something quick.  Last night I picked up a single serve packet of vanilla chai Vega and I thought I would give it a try.  The package said mix with water but I had some coconut milk that I needed to use up so I threw that and a handful of ice into the Vita Mix.  I have to say the color wasn’t too appetizing, kind of brownish green, but it smelled ok, so why not.  It actually looks kind of gray in the photo.

So what did it taste like?  It wasn’t bad and it did keep me full and satisfied until lunch, however…Vanilla Chai???? Not so much.  It was rather bland, I thought, not the normal spices that you think of when you think chai.  I’m not usually big on supplements anyway so it might just be me.  If I’m going to drink a protein drink like this for convenience I had always preferred Spiru-tein until I realized one of the ingredients was bee pollen.  Just goes to show you really have to read labels and not just assume!  Will I try Vega again?  Perhaps another flavor, for convenience and nutrition I would rate it 4 out of 5; in the taste department though, I’m giving this particular flavor a 2.


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