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CATastrophe and Cupcakes

So I thought I would share my CATastrophe story.  Last Wednesday night little LeMew got stuck in the garage, the next morning when I discovered him he came out limping.  Well, I put him in my room and checked his paw hoping it was just something stuck in the pad.  Didn’t see anything…and I was working so I had to leave him in my room.  Since the next day was Christmas I couldn’t take him to the vet so I thought I would give him through the weekend and see if it cleared up.  What do you think???  It didn’t clear up, Monday I took him in after work and it turned out he had broken his paw, now how a cat breaks a paw is a mystery that he is not letting me in on.  The doctor fixed him up with a cast and I scheduled weekly follow-up visits for the next six weeks (cha-ching!).  I got him home and he made a dash (or his version of dashing) under my bed.  We went to a hockey game and got home late that night and D. wanted to see LeMew when we got to my house.  He had come out from under my bed at that point and we were looking at him and D. said wasn’t it his left paw that was hurt?  Sure enough they had casted the wrong paw.  So he was trying to gimp around on a broken paw and a fully casted good leg.  Needless to say I took him back as soon as they opened the next morning and the doc couldn’t have been more apologetic, they felt so bad.  Doc says, “Geez, what were we smoking yesterday?”   Now LeMew is all fixed up and here’s what he looks like with his little cast (poor kitty, no wonder he’s full of anxiety):

And here’s the Cookies and Cream Cupcakes I made for our New Years Eve celebration, recipe courtesy of VCTOTW:

I crushed the cookies in my new mini food processor that my awesome nephew gave me for Christmas.

Frosted and decorated:

Plated up on my Grandma’s special cookie plate:

And more goodies for tonight:


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Chik’n Panini

I tried a new Chik’n patty today, new to me anyway.  It was made by Health is Wealth and made quite a tasty Panini.  I used an Orowheat Sandwich Thin and realized too late that the last ingredient on the list is sodium stearoyl lactylate which unfortunately is not vegan…dang sneaky ingredients.  Anyway, I topped it with cheddar Daiya, red onion, tomato, lettuce, and avocado and it was delicious in spite of the lactylate.  The Chicken-Free patty was not dry at all, and had a nice texture and flavor, however next time…I will use a different bread obviously, cut down on the onion it was a bit overpowering, add the lettuce after I grill it, duh!, and maybe throw a pickle or two on it.  Anyway despite my slip up it made for a nice lunch on a rainy afternoon.

The patty…

The cheez…

The rest of the stuff…

The sammich, panini’d to perfection…

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Vindaloo Woo Hoo

So after my CATastrophe ( more about that later) this morning I wanted some comfort food tonight.  Really, when you think about it, I always want comfort food; the CATastrophe was simply an excuse to eat it.  I don’t know if anyone’s comfort food is Vindaloo but I thought I’d add it to my repertoire.  If you’re saying to yourself, “How would I know if Vindaloo is my comfort food, I have no idea what Vindaloo is” well then you turn to Wikipedia to get your “expert” answer as usual.  Or you can read about it here.  Of course I didn’t add the lamb or pork instead I used this Slow Cooker Vegetable Vindaloo from VT.  I had to cut the recipe in half because my slow cooker is small and after I put it together there didn’t seem to be enough liquid.  I let it cook for an hour hoping the steam would juice it up a little but it still looked too dry so I added a cup of water.  I also added a Field Roast Apple Sage Sausage during the last 15 minutes of cooking in homage to the missing pork, plus I wanted a little more protein.

The Woo Hoo refers to the spiciness of this dish.  It made my nose run and my face break out in a sweat…attractive, I know, huh?   Thank goodness I was eating alone.  It was almost as spicy as the Curry I had at Trader Vics last night.  I also didn’t serve it over rice, why?  Because I didn’t feel like it!

So here’s some pics of the process:

Can you see my little compost receptacle behind the slow cooker?  Cute, huh?  It makes it easy to gather scraps to bring out to my brand new composter which was my special Christmas gift from D.  I told you he was the best!

The sausage I used:

Served up with a few sprouts:

And check this out…Pork Vindaloo compared to my delicious Veggie Vindaloo:

Yuck-o Pork-o

Yum-o Veg-o

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Sweet and Sara

Yesterday afternoon I made the mistake of going to Whole Foods when I was hungry.  Not only did I buy a tub of Daiya cheddar for $9.99 I ended up with something I always try to avoid…A Sweet and Sara’s Smores Peanut Butter.  Even after all the goodies consumed over the holidays I felt I needed something else.  I did restrain myself and only ate half which means I must consume the rest today, kind of a post holiday sweetie.  Speaking of the holidays, what an excellent Christmas we had, Christmas Eve spent with family, eating and laughing at Christmas past stories, somehow those stories never get old.  Gifts were exchanged and everyone seemed happy with what they got.  Since we’ve been doing the gift exchange it’s really cut down on the over spending, frantic searching, routine…we each get to pick out one special gift for a loved one and watch them open it as we take turns.  My very hilarious BIL always asks for some crazy toy or another.  This year it was a bag of 100 superballs to throw around on one of the desert camping trips, I guess you have to be there!

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Peanut Butter and Pears

Dessert was a juicy ripe pear with white chocolate peanut butter to dip it in…yummm-o!

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Muffins and Soup and Rain

Cold weather and baking go hand in hand, like a Snuggie and a night-time pub crawl (seriously that’s what their site says a Snuggie is good for.  A batch of Gingerbread Flax Muffins and some Cashew Carrot and Ginger soup was better than a pub crawl in a hot pink Snuggie.  Ok, so the soup wasn’t homemade but it was warm and gingery and paired up well with a fresh-baked muffin.  The muffins made 7 largish muffins instead of the 6 that the recipe said, leftovers for sure.  The flax added a nice nuttiness and the applesauce made them super moist (and I say that even though I hate that word).  I ate two and would have eaten more if I hadn’t put them out of reach for the night.

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All Things Pumpkin

I couldn’t let the season pass without making a pumpkin shake.  I made a healthy version for N’s breakfast this morning and there was enough left for me to have a shot too.  Here’s how I made it:

Pumpkin Shake

1 Cup Pumpkin Spice Silk

2 Scoops So Delicious Creamy Vanilla “Ice Cream”

1 Scoop of Vanilla Chai Vega

A handful of ice cubes

Topped with Soyatoo Soy Whip and a sprinkle of nutmeg

Whip everything together in a blender or Vita Mix

Looks good, huh?  It wasn’t real pumpkin-y but it had a nice subtly spiced flavor.

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