Muffins and Soup and Rain

Cold weather and baking go hand in hand, like a Snuggie and a night-time pub crawl (seriously that’s what their site says a Snuggie is good for.  A batch of Gingerbread Flax Muffins and some Cashew Carrot and Ginger soup was better than a pub crawl in a hot pink Snuggie.  Ok, so the soup wasn’t homemade but it was warm and gingery and paired up well with a fresh-baked muffin.  The muffins made 7 largish muffins instead of the 6 that the recipe said, leftovers for sure.  The flax added a nice nuttiness and the applesauce made them super moist (and I say that even though I hate that word).  I ate two and would have eaten more if I hadn’t put them out of reach for the night.

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Filed under Vegan Baking, Vegan Cooking

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