Sweet and Sara

Yesterday afternoon I made the mistake of going to Whole Foods when I was hungry.  Not only did I buy a tub of Daiya cheddar for $9.99 I ended up with something I always try to avoid…A Sweet and Sara’s Smores Peanut Butter.  Even after all the goodies consumed over the holidays I felt I needed something else.  I did restrain myself and only ate half which means I must consume the rest today, kind of a post holiday sweetie.  Speaking of the holidays, what an excellent Christmas we had, Christmas Eve spent with family, eating and laughing at Christmas past stories, somehow those stories never get old.  Gifts were exchanged and everyone seemed happy with what they got.  Since we’ve been doing the gift exchange it’s really cut down on the over spending, frantic searching, routine…we each get to pick out one special gift for a loved one and watch them open it as we take turns.  My very hilarious BIL always asks for some crazy toy or another.  This year it was a bag of 100 superballs to throw around on one of the desert camping trips, I guess you have to be there!


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