Vindaloo Woo Hoo

So after my CATastrophe ( more about that later) this morning I wanted some comfort food tonight.  Really, when you think about it, I always want comfort food; the CATastrophe was simply an excuse to eat it.  I don’t know if anyone’s comfort food is Vindaloo but I thought I’d add it to my repertoire.  If you’re saying to yourself, “How would I know if Vindaloo is my comfort food, I have no idea what Vindaloo is” well then you turn to Wikipedia to get your “expert” answer as usual.  Or you can read about it here.  Of course I didn’t add the lamb or pork instead I used this Slow Cooker Vegetable Vindaloo from VT.  I had to cut the recipe in half because my slow cooker is small and after I put it together there didn’t seem to be enough liquid.  I let it cook for an hour hoping the steam would juice it up a little but it still looked too dry so I added a cup of water.  I also added a Field Roast Apple Sage Sausage during the last 15 minutes of cooking in homage to the missing pork, plus I wanted a little more protein.

The Woo Hoo refers to the spiciness of this dish.  It made my nose run and my face break out in a sweat…attractive, I know, huh?   Thank goodness I was eating alone.  It was almost as spicy as the Curry I had at Trader Vics last night.  I also didn’t serve it over rice, why?  Because I didn’t feel like it!

So here’s some pics of the process:

Can you see my little compost receptacle behind the slow cooker?  Cute, huh?  It makes it easy to gather scraps to bring out to my brand new composter which was my special Christmas gift from D.  I told you he was the best!

The sausage I used:

Served up with a few sprouts:

And check this out…Pork Vindaloo compared to my delicious Veggie Vindaloo:

Yuck-o Pork-o

Yum-o Veg-o

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