Chik’n Panini

I tried a new Chik’n patty today, new to me anyway.  It was made by Health is Wealth and made quite a tasty Panini.  I used an Orowheat Sandwich Thin and realized too late that the last ingredient on the list is sodium stearoyl lactylate which unfortunately is not vegan…dang sneaky ingredients.  Anyway, I topped it with cheddar Daiya, red onion, tomato, lettuce, and avocado and it was delicious in spite of the lactylate.  The Chicken-Free patty was not dry at all, and had a nice texture and flavor, however next time…I will use a different bread obviously, cut down on the onion it was a bit overpowering, add the lettuce after I grill it, duh!, and maybe throw a pickle or two on it.  Anyway despite my slip up it made for a nice lunch on a rainy afternoon.

The patty…

The cheez…

The rest of the stuff…

The sammich, panini’d to perfection…


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