Farmers Market

A recent trip to a new Farmers Market netted a bunch of goodies.  This is the first farmers market we have within walking distance and that is such a bonus.  I’m hoping it takes off in a big way, it’s a little on the small side right now but seemed fairly busy while we were there and they have some great vendors and lots of ideas for waking up the community to more community based agriculture.  One of the bakery vendors there claimed she is working on a vegan line of products…we’ll see!  So here’s my booty:

This Harissa is from Awaken Savor, Inc.  She had a bunch of great spice blends which are all salt free, MSG free, gluten-free and preservative free.  Now I just need to remember where I saw the recipe that called for Harissa.

I also had to by this totally cute bag while I was there.  My other bag has a hole in it and I’ve been too lazy to sew it up, always justifying anything I buy for myself.


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