Lentil Soup

With the weather here in So Cal in the high 70’s, yes, it’s January 3rd here in California too, making soup is the furthest thing from my mind, however, I have been making soup often when the evenings are chilly.  We recently ate at Baba Ganouj which is a short walk from D’s house, we go there frequently because their Lebanese fare is pretty delish and we can both order something we like.  Their menu has little carrots by all the vegan choices, so cute and saves you from grilling the waitress.  I tried their lentil soup, which was excellent, thick and creamy with a bright lemon wedge to squeeze over the top before eating.  I searched for a similar recipe to try at home and came up with this one.  I made it in the slow cooker which meant it cooked a bit longer than the recipe called for.  While mine was good it just wasn’t the same.  I will keep searching, it seems there are many lentil soup recipes floating around out there.

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