A Little Asian

Feeling a little bit time strapped today, what is it about going back to work the first Monday of the new year?  I feel like I need to start with a clean slate which usually means cleaning out the in-box of my email.  A quick noodle dish is in order for dinner, something like Sesame Noodles with Napa Cabbage.  The last time I made this A. was in town and tasted some and asked if she could bring some with her to eat later.  She said, “This is sooooooo good”.  The next night she told me she got halfway through it before she realized there was nuts in it.  I told her there was no nuts but I did use crunchy peanut butter in the sauce, she said, “I told you so.”  It’s not as if she is allergic to nuts and I was trying to poison her she just has this gagging reflex to nuts no matter how small.  Funny though it didn’t occur to her to gag until she examined what she was eating and figured out it was a nut!  Oh brother!  The noodles are delicious though, nuts and all. 


I always break out my trusty salad spinner when washing up veggies for this and other dishes, especially leafy herbs like cilantro.  I do loves me some kitchen gadgets!


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