A Bit of Trash a Bit of Treasure

So who gets a composter for Christmas???  Well if you’re as lucky as I am you do.  Or you can feast your eyes on my composted loveliness.  This composter is the coolest.  Just plunk all your fruit, veggie, and grain scraps in with a cup of sawdust pellets and a dash of baking soda and it heats it all up and turns it into some pretty attractive looking compost in just 48 hours.  After the initial 48 hours you just keep dumping stuff in and adding a cup of sawdust pellets here and there and it just keeps brewing up the fertilizer.

This was taken in my laundry room in the evening so the lighting wasn’t great, but I think you get the idea!

Then today I get my CSA delivery with more stuff to eventually end up in my scrap heap.  It was some bounty in today’s delivery, I even got something called a bacon avocado…hmmmm, what’s that? 

I had to try one of the apples for lunch with a little almond butter…ok a lot of almond butter!

And then for dinner a little stuffed cabbage and some roasted sprouts, what a day of feasting.  The cabbage recipe was meant to be cooked in a pressure cooker but I just adapted it for the oven and it turned out quite yummy anyway.  I wonder if I need a pressure cooker?  Would it have been even better???  Am I trying to talk myself into yet another gadget that I have to find space for in my already tiny and gadget packed kitchen?  Is this a phase?  Ahhh, so many questions to ponder!  And the cabbage was supposed to be rolls but I ended up with a bunch of leftover filling that I just threw over the top, thus the cabbage carnage on my plate.


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