Confessions of a Donut Hater

All Right, hate is a strong word but after spending countless hours behind a counter at Winchells as a teenager, with possibly the nastiest boss ever, and I do mean nasty, I don’t hold fond memories of donuts for the most part.  My fond memories of donuts go way back to my childhood (yes, that far back…waaaaaaay back) when mom would make yeast raised donuts on Saturday.  She’d fry them up in our big old metal deep fryer and then we would get to take turns shaking them in sugar in a brown paper bag.  Now those were some good donuts, forget the nastiness that came later at Winchells.  So to deal with my inner donut demons I wished (in writing of course) for a donut pan for Christmas.  And of course D. came through…again I have to say, best BF ever!  I thought I would try the “healthier” concept of baking donuts.  I used a recipe for French Toast Doughnuts from VT, and I have to say they were pretty darn lip smackin’ good.  I put sprinkles on half of them because N. does love his sprinkle donuts, the other half I just glazed with the maple glaze that the recipe called for.  I didn’t have soy milk for the glaze so I used some So Delicious Vanilla Creamer.  The glaze was a bit runny but it firmed up after setting on the donuts for a bit.  Not like the fat, fried, fluffy, donuts of my childhood but definitely a nice evening sweetie.

Out of the pan and cooling; waiting for the glaze:

The glaze:

Covered in sprinkles or naked maple…you decide, you decide:

Maple covered sweeties:


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