A New Cookbook and Salad for Lunch

I just moved into an office that is very close to home and that led me to the idea that I could walk to work.  The problem with this is that I usually bring my laptop home with me and I have this huge, multi-pocket, monstrosity of a laptop bag that would not be fun to trudge back and forth to work carrying every day.  This sparked a trip to Borders today because I knew they had some fun vinyl bags just meant for slinging over a shoulder and bounding into the office (this is known as justifying a purchase).  Well it was my lucky day because I found a laptop bag that was marked 75% off the price, so the bag ended up costing just a titch over $6.  What a find!  Of course while I’m there I have to peruse the cookbook section and wound up with a vegetarian cookbook called Delicious Vegetarian Food,  by a team of authors called Confident Cooking.  Not strictly vegan but the vegan recipes are all clearly marked and some of the non-vegan ones look easy enough to veganize.  Plus this book has great step by step photos for all the recipes and I love seeing the finished product.  And here is the real bonus, it was only $2.99.  Quite a score at Borders today.

My bonus find cookbook (as if I need another cookbook!)

Great pictures of every recipe and step by step pictures too, quite a deal at $2.99

Then it was home for lunch.  I made this totally knock your socks off salad today.  I used lettuce and one of the bacon avocados from my CSA, a few sugar-plum tomatoes from TJ’s, and a touch of finely chopped red onion.  Then I dressed it with fresh ground pepper and a touch of pink Himalayan salt, fresh squeezed lime juice (I had limes left over from New Years Eve), and a splash of olive oil.  This salad was lick the bowl delicious and who knows maybe I did, lick the bowl that is, who was around to know? 

Bacon avocado, very pale, soft flesh and melt in your mouth texture, just beautiful!

Pretty in pink Himalayan Salt Crystals from TJ’s

A squeeze or two of fresh lime…

Voila…a rockin’ salad!

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