I love anything Chai flavored (well, the Chai Vega…not so much), I’ve wanted to attempt the Chai Granola that the Innocent Primate Vegan cooked up but have just not gotten around to it.  There’s something about the blend of chai spices that just makes my mouth happy, and when my mouth is happy…well you get the idea.  Tonight, since granola was out of the question I just made myself a cup of Vanilla Chai Tea by Good Earth and then to make it more of a latte I added some So Delicious French Vanilla coconut milk creamer.  I brew the tea extra strength for about six minutes and then add a splash of creamer at the end…oh so yum!

Chai Tea in my favorite mug from Celestial Seasonings in Colorado, we took a tour there a few years back and their Peppermint Room will bring you to tears…literally.

Add a bit of creamy vanilla…

What??? Is that some foam, could this be a true latte, alas no!  But yummo nonetheless.



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2 responses to “Chai

  1. Jo

    I am totally obsessed with chai flavored anything, too. I don’t know how it does it, but it really is the flavor of happiness. 🙂

    • Then I will definitely have to let you know how my Chai Latte Tea Mix comes out. I’m veganizing a recipe from one of those checkout stand Pillsbury cookbooks.

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