A “Certain” Age

Because I’m a woman of a “certain” age I started to gain weight a few years ago.  It was gradual but I could not lose those pounds no matter what…they were stuck to me like stink on…well you know, whatever it is that stink sticks to, those pounds were there to stay.  By the time I was at plus twenty-five I was getting a little desperate.  Two RDs I went to told me I needed to up my protein, and finally after going on a 5 week elimination diet I took off the weight.  My idea of carbs now is very different, instead of bread and pasta and crackers I focus on veggies and legumes and beans.  Occasionally I like my sweetie, but not every day.  When I ran across Robin Robertson’s Carb Conscience Vegetarian I knew it was for me.  Tonight I made the Very Veggie Burgers with Black Bean Sauce and they were pretty darn good.  The filler was ground lentils, walnuts, and oats with zucchini, mushrooms and onions.  There wasn’t a lot of seasoning and I used cilantro instead of the parsley called for, because I like cilantro and I had it on hand.  I think I could have thinned out the Black Bean Sauce a little more, but overall it was good.  I served it up with some Cajun sweet potato fries which added a nice punch to the mildly seasoned burger.

Formed and ready to chill in the fridge for 30 minutes…gave me time to make the bean sauce.

Bean sauce…a bit thick, could have used a little more water

Finished burger with sauce and fries

And something I picked up at Sprouts today.  I know I saw green curry paste as an ingredient in a recipe I looked at recently, I just have to remember where.  I do this often, remember I’m a woman of a “certain” age!


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