A Little Sunshine

Last night I made Lemon Bars from The Joy of Vegan Baking, they were as delicious as the bars my mom used to make years ago.  The lemons were from my CSA and they were thin-skinned and uber juicy.  I only had to use two small lemons to get the amount of lemon juice I needed for the bars.  I did have to adjust the cooking time from 20 minutes to 32 minutes.  The filling was definitely not set after 20.   The finished product was just like a bite of sunshine…it made me long for spring.   It’ll be here before I know it…I know!

First the buttery delicious crust ( even though I don’t like the word crust, I will use it here)

Then my trusty little food processor mixes up the lemon juice, sugar, and tofu (yes, I did say tofu)

Look at all that juice from just two little lemons, that looked a little dried up to begin with…can’t judge a lemon by its peel!

And finally baked, powdered, and ready to be devoured


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