Las Vegas Winnings

So what did I win in Vegas this past weekend???  Why just a nasty bug!  Not two nickles to rub together, although why anyone wants to rub nickles together is beyond my scope of fun sense, just a yucky coughing, fever, headache, bones ache, eye sockets ache kind of flu bug.  to top it off we experienced a solid week of rain and my bad boy Dino cat went missing in the rain.  I haven’t seen him in two full days which isn’t like him to stay away.  When we got a break in the rain I walked the neighborhood calling for him, hoping he was hunkered down in someone’s crawl space.  No luck, not in Vegas, not finding lost kitties, blah!  So what does one eat when feeling under the weather???  I turn to mom’s secret recipe of chicken noodle soup and toast.  Of course mine was Amy’s No Chicken soup but it filled the bill and I swear I felt better after I ate it!


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