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Super Bowl and Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Super Bowl should be a holiday…I don’t follow football at all but something about food, friends and football make me want to declare Super Bowl Sunday a National holiday.  I made some darling and delicious cupcakes to bring along as an offering to the festivities.  They weren’t quite as cute as these football cupcakes they were still pretty cute.  VCTOTW Basic Chocolate recipe topped with the Peanut Buttercream from the same book and cute little mini peanut butter cups on top, adorable and yet extremely yummy!


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Houston – Ruggles Green

While in Houston visiting A. she introduced us to Ruggles Green, a certified green restaurant.  From the crowd inside, Houston’s is taking to the green movement in a big way (the W.F. in the neighborhood is huge too!).  We went about 7:0opm on a Wednesday evening and stood in line for about 10 minutes, the trick was to send half your party to stake out a table while the other half orders.  Seating inside was at a premium and we thought it was a little chilly to eat outdoors.  The menu wasn’t vegetarian but did have  a few vegetarian options with opportunities to make those vegan by just leaving off the cheese.  I chose the Ruggles Green Veggie Nut Burger minus the mozzarella cheese.  It was absolutely delicious.  The outside had a nice crunch to it and it wasn’t mushy like so many bean based burgers that I’ve tried.  The ingredients were Hemp protein, sautéed vegetable, pecans, almonds, micro greens, lettuce, tomato and red onion served on a whole wheat bun.  Kind of interesting I thought.  I’m putting Ruggles on my list of places to visit if I ever make it back to Houston.

Cool Signage

The burger and the ubiquitous sweet potato fries

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Coffee Cake for Breakfast

After spending most of Friday traveling from Texas (more about that later) we arrived home late in the evening; all I wanted was my own bed and my flannel jammies.  We had an exceptional time and my younger daughter A. was a marvelous hostess, but it’s always good to get home (I needed a furry fix in the worst way).  After a nice sleep in morning I got up and decided coffee cake was in order.  I made East Coast Coffee Cake from Vegan BrunchIt reminded me of a coffee cake I used to make a hundred years ago when I was still in grade school.  It was called Velvet Crumb Cake and was made with Bisquick, when I searched for this on-line most of the recipes had a broiled coconut topping, however I remember it with a lovely streusel topping.  I did find this variation which is more to my recollection of the cake I used to bake.  Of course that was pre-vegetarian days so eggs and milk and butter were all involved.  It was nice to bring back that memory though with an all vegan cake.  I used some wild blackberry jam that a friend had made for me and swirled that throughout.  It was quite delicious even if I don’t drink coffee!

Yes, I probably licked the bowl!  Really who wouldn’t?

Homemade wild blackberry jam

Crumbly blackberry cakey deliciousness still warm from the oven

Care for a piece?

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