Coffee Cake for Breakfast

After spending most of Friday traveling from Texas (more about that later) we arrived home late in the evening; all I wanted was my own bed and my flannel jammies.  We had an exceptional time and my younger daughter A. was a marvelous hostess, but it’s always good to get home (I needed a furry fix in the worst way).  After a nice sleep in morning I got up and decided coffee cake was in order.  I made East Coast Coffee Cake from Vegan BrunchIt reminded me of a coffee cake I used to make a hundred years ago when I was still in grade school.  It was called Velvet Crumb Cake and was made with Bisquick, when I searched for this on-line most of the recipes had a broiled coconut topping, however I remember it with a lovely streusel topping.  I did find this variation which is more to my recollection of the cake I used to bake.  Of course that was pre-vegetarian days so eggs and milk and butter were all involved.  It was nice to bring back that memory though with an all vegan cake.  I used some wild blackberry jam that a friend had made for me and swirled that throughout.  It was quite delicious even if I don’t drink coffee!

Yes, I probably licked the bowl!  Really who wouldn’t?

Homemade wild blackberry jam

Crumbly blackberry cakey deliciousness still warm from the oven

Care for a piece?

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