Traveling, Snow, and What Do I Eat

The thing about traveling for work is that it takes you entirely out of your comfort zone.  You’re not on vacation with friends or family, you’re not facing the well-known faces of your co-workers; instead you have to get up and go to work but encounter people you’ve never met and offices you’ve never been in.  To top it off you have to go back to a hotel that doesn’t have a warm, purring kitty to curl up with or anyone to give you a hug (you can’t hug the girl behind the desk, she would think you’re weird), and you have to eat what you’re able to cook on a two burner stove top or microwave.  The good thing about traveling for work is that you get to meet new people and visit new offices and see how creative you can get with a pound of tofu a jar of salsa and a two burner stove.  I still missed my kitties, kids, and D.  So what did I eat???  Breakfast was easy, yogurt and granola, lunch was this:

And dinner???  I’m glad I brought along my scramble seasoning, plus Wegmans (boy, I wish they had Wegmans out west) had some good single serving side veggies.  this was butternut squash with spinach and craisins, I also got some great brussels sprouts and roasted potatoes, yummy!

Still it was nice to get home.  After two weeks, lots of snow (for a So Cal Gal that is), and 6 paperbacks I am back to pondering the purchase of a Kindle.  Maybe next trip.


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