Pizza to Daiya For

Like those words have never been uttered before…but really, I kid you not, this was one hunky pizza!  Since pizza plans were put aside last night I decided to make it tonight even though the weather was even hotter today and the thought of heating my oven up to 500 degrees nearly melted my mascara.  I used VWAV pizza dough and sauce recipes for the first time.  The sauce was sublime the dough delectable.  Toppings consisted of  organic white mushrooms, black olives, red bell pepper, red onion, and of course two kinds of Daiya, 3 parts Italian to 1 part cheddar.  Baked on my pizza stone which I don’t use nearly enough.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough things to bake on a stone,  I’ll need to look into that.  The pizza was devoured at my new (read hand-me-down) patio table with a cool breeze blowing in from the ocean.  I love daylight savings time, I could do this every night…I think (heeheehee).  This is a reference to the original Iron Chef and you had to be there.

All dressed up and the only place to go is in the oven.  I had some sun-dried tomatoes that I was going to use too but I couldn’t open the jar (see them in the background).

Baked to perfection!

Like I said…Pizza to Daiya for!

Oh and guess what…enough sauce and dough for another pizza packaged and ready to stash in the freezer for a quicky meal one night soon!

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