Shades of Beige

I had a very brown dinner last night.  I really meant to cook up some kale that I had waiting in my fridge but after the marathon session making Lentil Loaf from the Chicago Diner Cookbook, I was as whipped as my potatoes, thus the beige dinner.  First things first, there was definitely something wrong with that recipe…4 cups of lentils to two cups of water???  I have enough cooked lentils for three batches of lentil soup, or enough to feed the Long Beach Marathon.  So that was number one, I ended up adding at least 8 cups of water to the pot as they cooked.  Number two was this recipe was very time-consuming, lots of chopping, soaking, measuring, gathering ingredients, etc.  What a mess…the recipe said it made one 4X7 loaf, I don’t think so.   I made at two loaves and stuck one in the freezer for another day.   It was pretty tasty after all that work, some good seasonings like sage and thyme and a splash of tamari; the walnuts  and sunflower seeds were a nice textural addition.  I served it up with mashed potatoes and Diner Gravy from the same cookbook.  The gravy had some really good flavor, I especially liked the celery seed, that’s not something I usually use in my cooking, I surprised myself with it.  Next on my list of recipes to try from Chicago Diner is Black Bean Burgers.  I’m going to give the recipe a serious once over before I start cooking.  So far I liked the Banana Poppyseed Bread, and I loved the Diner Gravy, the Lentil Loaf was tasty but too much work to be adding it to my rotation of recipes, who am I kidding, I don’t have a recipe rotation so I really don’t know what I’m talking about.

Enjoy my brown dinner!


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