Danish and Avoiding Homework

With just two weeks left of school before I actually graduate, and with a term paper due next week you would think I would get on the ball and get the dang thing written.  I’ve only had the last 10 weeks to work on it, gosh!  At least this morning I decided on a topic, it’s only the fourth topic I’ve decided on but nonetheless a decision has been made.  During all this decision-making I also had the brilliant idea of making some Danish.  Now mind you, I’ve never made Danish before, and I had to scan at least 6 cookbooks before I settled on a recipe (plus there was that load of laundry that had to get going right away).  But being that I’m of Danish extract I felt I should get in touch with my Scandinavian roots and today seemed to be the most opportune time to do this.  I had to check to make sure I had all the ingredients, dang not enough Earth Balance to make the recipe.  Well, it just had to get made today, no putting this off!  My paper topic had been settled on, so I had some spare time before I had to actually start writing it.  It took two tries before I found a store that had the EB Buttery Sticks I needed.  Fresh and Easy only had the tubs so I had to make the longer trip to Whole Foods which probably would have been shorter if I had just gone there in the first place.  Oh well, more homework avoidance, really it’s not intentional.  If you’ve never made Danish before it’s quite an involved process, lots of folding of buttered dough and long periods of chilling in between.  I’m only on the first chill right now, with three more hour-long sessions.  I guess the chill time will be my paper writing time, although I’m sure I can find something else to fill the void (like blogging about avoiding homework).

Here’s my dough at rest, he was naked but didn’t mind being photographed.


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