Spring is Here

I always know it’s Spring when the Thacker Berry Farms stands spring up (heh heh, get it Spring up?) on street corners selling big fat, juicy strawberries and other luscious looking berries.  I haven’t stopped to pick any up yet but perhaps I’ll stroll over to one this weekend and pick up a flat of berries.  They’re good fresh and they freeze up well too, I just wash them and put them on a cookie sheet and pop them in the freezer.  Then when they’re good and frozen they get tossed in a freezer bag ready for a smoothie, or sorbet in the Vita Mix.  Well now that I’ve gone on and on about strawberries that I don’t even have, the warm weather also put me in the mood for fresh veggies.  A couple of new potatoes, a giant head of cauliflower, some broccoli, and a couple of carrots all from my CSA looked good for dinner tonight.  Another night eating alone and not much in the mood for cooking, I know again, not in the mood, you’d think I was married.  I should have steamed them but I chose roasting instead.  I was in the midst of writing that dang paper (actually 2 pages completed, ok a page and a half) and the veggies got a little too crispy.  But actually I like them like that, so it was a good dinner after all.

Happy Veggies

Overdone veggies!


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