Lemony Snicket Cupcakes

I like the name Lemony Snickets and sometimes even call Lemew Lemony Snickets, so I thought it was only fitting that I name my cupcakes that too.  I was in charge of bringing cupcakes to the family barbeque this evening, and I wanted to bring something light and summery since the weather has been so warm.  I made the Lemony Vanilla cupcakes from VCTOTW and frosted them with Lemon Buttercream from the same book.  To make them a little more special and because I had that fancy new cupcake pan that I hadn’t tried out I filled them with Vegan Lemon Curd from Vegansaurus.  Oh my goodness is that stuff the best!  I have plenty of leftover and plan to make some lemon tarts for dessert this weekend.  Now we’re off to the barbeque we’ll see if they’re a hit!

Really lip smacking good, I used Meyer Lemons for the curd, it took 6 to make 1 cup of juice needed.

Debbie Meyer Cupcake Genius pan (hey, Meyer lemons, Meyer pan…I see a theme)


A little bite of sunshine.  P.S. The cupcakes were a hit especially with S’s little bro M.


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