A New Bowl for Ice Cream

This isn’t exactly about food but in a round about way it is.  I’ve had my eyes on Vegan Etsy artist Jeanette Zeis’s very cool pottery pieces.  With summer just around the corner I thought I needed a new ice cream bowl.  I don’t actually have an old ice cream bowl so I don’t have to follow my rule of when something comes into the house something has to go out.  Besides I make up the rules as I go along so…new rule!  Anyway, Jeanette makes the most perfect looking bowls you’ve ever seen.  She uses pale colored glazes that look a little retro to me, and retro is good.  They’re all stamped with the word Vegan and usually some little shape too.  Mine has a star.  Her shipping was super fast, I ordered on Monday and it arrived today, packed super special.  The inside package was wrapped in paper and taped and tied with a bit of string with a nice little handwritten note attached, then everything was bubble wrapped so the bowl arrived safe and sound.  It’s nice dealing directly with artists who love their work and care enough to share it with others.  Now it’s time to get out my Vegan Scoops cookbook and make some delicious ice cream to be eaten in the sunshine from my new bowl.


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