Amazing Breakfast

I couldn’t decide what to have for breakfast this morning. I didn’t feel in the mood for a scramble even though I have some tofu that will expire this month, I didn’t want oatmeal even though it was a little gloomy and chilly, pancakes, waffles? Nope too much starch, I’ve found my body doesn’t do well with too many carbs of that nature. I have a three-mile short run scheduled later today so I know I need to keep my meals nutritious so I don’t feel sluggish this afternoon. I finally decided on a green smoothie. I had downloaded a green smoothie chart from Vita Mix…you take something from column A and two things from column B, and add liquid from column C and a handful of ice and you have yourself a great green smoothie. I used Kale, a tangerine, half a cucumber, and soy milk…plus for added protein and nutrition I added a package of Chocolate Infusion Amazing Meal. I like the nutrition profile of Spiru-Tein better than that of Amazing Meal but Spiru-Tein uses bee pollen in their mix so I quit using it. I do like the way Amazing Meal thickens up as it sits a bit after blending and my drink this morning was quite tasty.  It wasn’t exactly green in color because of the chocolate powder but I know the green goodies were in there.


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