Urban Farmer

Now that I’m done with school I need a new after-work hobby, although I don’t think school was really a hobby, nonetheless, I don’t want to plant myself in front of the TV every night after work, thus the quest for something else to do.  I’ve wanted to plant a vegetable garden for some time but never felt I had the time or energy to make it successful.  If I can’t do something successfully I tend not to want to do it and risk failure.  I’m going to take that risk now, and I bought a raised bed planter at Lowe’s a couple of weekends ago.  It was one of those “easy to snap together” dealios that wasn’t that easy to snap together;  not complicated it just didn’t go together without a little muscle behind it.  Anyway we cleared my plot and set it up and filled it with dirt this weekend.  Yesterday I put my Easy Bloom out there to gather data and get my recommended plants for the chosen location.  The Easy Bloom is one cool gadget, you plant it in the location you want to put a plant into and twenty-four hours later you plug it into a USB port on your computer and it recommends the plants that would work best in that spot.  This afternoon I took the readings and amongst my top 10 plants were artichokes, onions, snap peas, sweet peppers, cilantro and pumpkins, yeah!  It looks like the perfect spot to grow a variety of  veggies and herbs.  I can’t wait until Saturday to go pick out my first plants, (I guess I’ll have to wait though since Saturday is still three days away).  I wonder if I need some crocs and maybe a big floppy hat, if I’m going to be an urban farmer I better look the part, right?

Pre-filling (kinda like the lemon cupcakes only different)

It took 12 bags of dirt to fill this up, luckily we had R’s truck to haul it home.  D’s Mini would have been popping a wheelie all the way home.  Can you see Dino hiding behind the bags?

We added some of my excellent compost to the soil as we were filling it.

Then water…

And of course Alice, my sweet little bunny

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