Chocolate Donuts

Last night I skipped dinner and then got a craving for a little chocolaty sumpin’ sumpin’ when it was too late to make and eat an entire dinner.  Instead I whipped out my mini donut pan and before you know it I was eating tasty little chocolate morsels fresh from the oven.  I used a Devils Food Doughnut recipe from Vegetarian Times and found the combination of cocoa powder and chocolate chips really satisfied that chocolate craving.  They are so simple to make but my glaze sort of crystalized, I think it boiled a bit too much instead of just simmering.  It might have been the glass saucepan I was using, who knows, all I know is that they went great with a DVR’d episode of Glee (yes, I admit, I’m a Gleek).  One Saturday after I discovered Glee, I sat and watched every episode on Hulu.  I think I may have also been avoiding homework at the time, but nonetheless…do you see just how many ways there are to avoid the unpleasantness in life?  Baking and Glee, two of the finest!

Isn’t this the cutest double boiler ever?  I found it during one of my kitchen gadget scavenger hunts in an antique mall.

Melted chocolate chips, soy milk and vinegar (weird combination)

Ugly but tasty little guys


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