Fruitielicious, wasn’t that a tag line for Fruit Loops or Fruity Pebbles or some fruity flavored cereal back in the day?  Well now it’s a game for iPhone (only spelled without the “e”), how things morph…but it can also be the name of the delicious fruit filled lunch I had today.  Last year I was on a mango kick and when I saw some ataulfo mangos in the market I picked one up to see if I still liked them as much as last year.  T. used to get them for me at the Asian market and they were the best!  Lunch today was the juicy beauty of a mango, a perfectly ripe pear, 3 strawberries left from my CSA delivery and a handful of roasted almonds.  This is why I love warm weather and the pending arrival of summer.  Lunches like this satisfy the hunger, the soul, and the eye.  Simply fruitilielicious!  I might need a mango splitter after all.

On another note, I’m pondering joining up with my old running club, there’s nothing better than a run along the beach in the company of like minded individuals.  The coaches teach an awesome yoga class after each Saturday run too…I think I’ve almost convinced myself.


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