Bananas for Bananas

I like bananas, I like them baked in things and blended in things, and just mashed up between two pieces of bread (with peanut butter of course).  What I don’t like is banana flavored things, like those bright yellow banana Popsicles we used to have as kids, or banana taffy, you know the things I’m talking about.  Somehow fake banana flavor just can’t live up to the real thing, which is true for most flavors if you think about it.  Last night, I got in a baking mood when I spotted two very ripe bananas (oh wait, I think I made a joke, spotted ripe bananas, you know spots on the banana means it’s ripe and I spotted them…okay, never mind, not so funny).   Instead of banana bread or banana muffins which are so over done (I’m not making any jokes about overdone banana bread here) I decided on Banana Date Scones from VCON which I had just been perusing the night before.  The dates I used were so soft, that they basically turned to mush when I tried to chop them finely per the recipe.  Then I was supposed to toss them with a tablespoon of flour which kind of turned into date paste.  But in spite of the relative blobbiness of the dates once I got them folded into the waiting scone batter they seemed to disperse throughout so I didn’t have one scone with a giant blob of dates in the middle, although that might not be a bad thing, but the other scones would feel cheated I’m afraid.  I had no brown rice syrup, it’s just not something I keep around, so I used maple syrup instead.  I did have some turbinado sugar that I sprinkled on top to make them look more bakery-like.  These are giant scones.  I didn’t use my mini scone pan like I usually do, I use it so I can portion out the scones and don’t eat them all at once.  I wanted to try making them according to the recipe so I used a half cup measure to scoop out these giant things…only four to a pan.  They turned out really good, tender (I hate that word but I’m using it anyway because it describes these), not too sweet with bits of dates and walnuts throughout.  I ate one warm last night even though it was really too late to be eating.  I shared the rest today, I like to bake and share so I’m not tempted by baked good staring at me all day.  These will go on my list of things to do with ripe bananas, I don’t really have a list except maybe in my head.

From dates…

to dough…

to deliciousness!

Up close to make your mouth water


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