Green Lunch for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day I whipped up a green lunch. It consisted of leftover kale with a drizzle of tahini dressing, a green salad of lettuce, cucumbers, avocados, with a lime and olive oil dressing. I’ve been into green living as much as I can since I was in high school, my sisters always thought I was the hippy of the family (you know braless and organic), but over the years I kind of fell away from it as I climbed the corporate ladder and fell into American consumerism.  Recently though I’ve begun taking steps to get back to a simpler way of life.  I started composting and have really been concentrating on eating lower on the food chain, working at home saves gas and cuts down on pollution, my newly planted garden should supply me with enough organic produce to feed me this summer (hopefully!). has a whole list of things that people have pledged to do to make the world a little greener.   While I like the idea of a day (or week) dedicated to the Earth I think it should be like the answer our mothers always gave us when we asked why there wasn’t a kids day.  Who hasn’t heard, “Every day is kids day”, well I think every day should be Earth Day.  So I pledge to live more consciously on the Earth and lighten my footprint however I can (no fat jokes please!).

Leftover kale in my special Vegan bowl from Vegan Dish.  This bowl is good for more than just ice cream…I’m thinking of getting another in a different color.

An all green salad, quite yummy by salad standards!


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