Fieri Falafel

This isn’t exactly one of Guy Fieri recipe’s but it’s from one of his many trips on Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and it’s printed up in the book of the same name.  It’s actually a recipe from Falafel’s Drive In in San Jose, CA.  It was very simple to make but you do have to remember to soak your chickpeas overnight.  Once soaked there’s no cooking, just grind them up and add some seasoning, a little flour and a chopped onion, and you have falafel ready for the fryer.  I tried out our new deep fryer, that D. actually got some time ago but it’s been gathering dust on his kitchen counter.  It took a ton of oil just to get it up to the minimum fill line…I don’t know what I was thinking with my one little bottle of canola.  I had to borrow some oil from the neighbor.  I think you’re not supposed to re-use heated oil but it seems a shame to dump all that out.  The recipe specified soy bean oil was to be used to get the real Drive-In taste but I used canola, grapeseed, peanut, and plain old vegetable oil to get this thing filled up.  The falafel fried up all crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, so that was successful.  I would change a few things in the recipe…a smaller onion.  It called for one large onion but I think I would have used half of that and possibly chopped it a little finer.  Next time I will add just a titch more seasoning including a dash more salt.  Other that they they were simple and delicious.  I served them along side a nice Greek inspired salad of lettuce, cuke, tomato, and Kalamata olives, with an olive oil and cider vinegar dressing.  I also squeezed a bit of the Tahini Dressing that I made for the kale the other night all over the top.  All in all a substantial and tasty meal.

I got to use my new cookie scoop to make uniform falafel balls.  It worked like a charm, I just hope my next batch of cookies don’t taste of cumin.

Scooped and ready for the fryer

The new deep fryer.  It’s got a little spigot behind that black door on the front to make it easy to empty the oil.  See the balls in the basket?  Get it?  They’re basket balls (heh heh)!



and finally plated with salad and sauce.


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