Homemade LaraBars

I didn’t have much time to cook, or even eat today because I was at the hospital witnessing the birth of baby K.  He is most excellent and mom and dad are doing fine after only a few hours of labor.  When I got home I just wanted a snack, I had dates leftover from the scones and some walnuts in the freezer so I decided to try my hand at some homemade Lara Bars.  I used Enlightened Cooking’s recipe and it made just two bars.  This is the perfect amount for me and my little mini processor.  Besides the dates and walnuts I added some dried cherries and a titch of cinnamon,  delish!  I think I needed a few more nuts because my dates were super soft (remember the date paste scones?) but they went together quickly and tasted as sweet as my new grandbaby!

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