The Deaf Smith Country Cookbook

I took the day off today to make up some casseroles for the new family.  They’ll be coming home tomorrow and when I brought their mail in I checked out the fridge situation and it didn’t look too promising (yes, I ‘m one of those snoopy mothers who looks in the fridge when you’re away).  I got kind of nostalgic, which I guess you do when you see a new generation come into the world.  It made me think of the kind of mom I had hoped to be and how I wanted to raise my kids all organic and close to the Earth.  That really didn’t happen but I always tried.  Today I pulled out one of the first vegetarian cookbooks I ever purchased, The Deaf Smith Country CookbookIt was published in 1973, (imagine that I was old enough to purchase cookbooks in 1973), the Preface to the book says, “Our technology has conquered mountains, oceans, and space, but many of us are empty and unsatisfied”, I think that statement is as relevent today as it was almost forty years ago, times change people don’t.  We always seem to be looking for more when what’s important is right at our front door.  So enough of waxing nostalgic.  From TDSCC I made one of my kids favorite meals, Spaghetti Casserole.  I had forgotten how simple and satisfying it is.  It’s only seasoned with soy sauce and sea salt, but it has a garden of vegetable in it and is topped with cheese, I veganized it with Daiya.  I split it up and made a casserole for T. and R. and N. and I had ours for dinner tonight.

Can you tell this was a favorite of ours?

Well loved, much used, and nearly forgotten, what a shame!

A garden of veggies all chopped and ready to be casseroled!

Topped with Daiya ready for devouring


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