What’s with the Banana Topic

What’s with me and overripe bananas?  Again I had three very spotted brown bananas which called for the making of another loaf of banana bread.  This time I used the Lower fat Banana Bread recipe from VCON.  I didn’t add chocolate chips like it mentioned as an optional ingredient because we just finished off the banana chocolate chip coffee cake and I didn’t think I needed another dose of the same flavors.  When I checked the freezer I only had a handful of walnuts left and a small handful at that so I decided not to add nuts either. The recipe didn’t call for nuts but bananas and walnuts…kind of a classic flavor duo.  the loaf was a little undercooked, I should have tested with a toothpick or something but it looked done to me.  It still tasted good and I took a big hunk over to the NF (that’s new family, I’m tired of typing it though).  They were looking exhausted and only too happy to hand off K. to me.  I left about the time he had soaked through his outfit and looked on the verge of letting out a pterodactyl yell.

A bowl o’ spotted bananas and an avocado, oh and a mango and orange too!

Mashed with another favorite vintage tool, the potato masher with a cute red handle

Looks like a little bit of banana heaven

See, didn’t it look like it was done?  Who knew what lurked beneath that crusty  exterior

Slathered with Nuttzo, made a delish afternoon snack. 


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