More About Dining Out

Way back in the dark ages when I became a vegetarian it was rather avant-garde, I never liked to swim with the school of fish so it was just like me to take my hippy self and quit eating meat.  The truth was I never liked meat and used to spit it into napkins at the dinner table.  Yah, I’m sure my mom was fooled, she probably wondered why we went through an entire holder full of napkins every dinner.  Nonetheless, it was difficult to find vegetarian offerings when dining out back then.  We used to go as a family to Bob’s Big Boy and my only option was a pale iceberg lettuce salad, with a mushy tomato on it.  I loved Bob’s bleu cheese dressing so I’m sure I loaded that on.  I remember getting sick of people saying, “Oh, well you can get a salad”, when we’d go out to eat.  What if I didn’t want a salad?  I was relegated to cheese enchiladas at Mexican restaurants and spaghetti with marinara at Italian.  The few meat analogs they had back then were made by Loma Linda (owned by the Seventh Day Adventists) and came in cans.  Their “chicken” was one of T’s first finger foods.  I also used dehydrated TVP once but the smell of it made me sick and to this day I still can’t stomach the stuff.  So in this enlightened day and age what does one order when dining at a steakhouse, Outback Steakhouse to be specific?  D. was interested in a steak and I had a gift card to Outback so we took a spin over there and I ended up ordering from their sides menu, a wonderful sweet potato and some steamed veggies.  The potato was served sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon (and make sure to request no butter otherwise you get a big ol’ ball o’ butter on top), the veggies were steamed just right, not mushy, and tasted so fresh.  Even at a meat and potatoes restaurant these days you can get a decent veggie meal if you’re creative, asking what they can whip up for you doesn’t hurt either.

A dark picture of my dinner taken with my phone

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