A Scramble a Day

I don’t really have a tofu scramble every day but they are my go to meal when I’m in a hurry or not feeling like cooking, or even if I feel like I’ve been eating too many starchy foods.  I make them for breakfast and dinner usually but today I made one for lunch because I’m going to Baba Ganouj for dinner before Lost and I wanted something to tide me over until then.  I had cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and a small zucchini that I sauteed up in a little olive oil then added the tofu along with two tablespoons of the gravy seasoning base from the Chicago Diner Cookbook.  I like the mix of seeds and herbs in the gravy base and while I’ve only used it once to make a delicious gravy it makes two cups or so and I’ve been using it in my scrables instead of my usual seasonings.  The base has nooch, of course, plus dill, celery seed, oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, onion pwder, and salt, so lots of flavors to be absorbed by the blank canvas known as tofu.  Towards the end of cooking I added a splash of tomatillo salsa which added just the right zing.  This totally filled me up and should hold me until 7:00 or 7:30 when we plan on eating…that’s late for me. 

Veggies, colorful and smelling yum

Add the tofu and seasoning

Serve it up in my beautiful new “Vegan” dish from vegan Etsy artist Vegan Dish.  I can’t say enough about these wonderful bowls, I have a whole set now and use them for everything.

Speaking of bowls, look at the lovely swirl at the bottom of my new bowl in a calming shade of blue

Hippy lettering stamped on the bowl

And Jones my handsome Tuxedo Kitty


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