Dinner at Baba Ghanouj

Last  night before LOST (which we never miss) we walked down to Baba Ghanouj because I had a craving for their salad.  I’ve mentioned before how much I like to be able to walk to great little neighborhood restaurants and Baba Ghanouj is one such place.  They have so many vegan offerings on their menu and they make it easy to find them by putting a little carrot symbol next to them.  Their lentil soup is sublime and it was here that I learned how squeezing a lemon wedge over the soup took it up another notch.  Even though I had craved their salad when I got there I couldn’t decide what to get.  The Vegetarian Combo plate is awesome with a little taste of everything yummy; baba ghanouj all smokey and smooth, minty tabouli, spicy falafel, dolmas, and olives, all served with their warm pita.  While I love that plate it’s so filling and I was in the mood for lighter fare, so I ordered the soup.  Now I have tried many lentil soups in my time, and many recipes for lentil soup and this is by far the best I’ve ever had.  Maybe it’s that squeeze of lemon, I just don’t know.  And let me tell you it’s not just a tiny cup ‘o soup, we’re talking bowl full (and I mean full).  The atmosphere is coolly Lebanese but not overly faux, with traditional music playing in the background.  The staff is always friendly and helpful, but they don’t hover too much.  I think it’s one of my favorite local places to dine.

Cool ambiance for date night

See what I mean by bowl full!

Warm pita that keeps on coming

Baba Ghanouj on Urbanspoon


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