Dinner with TJ

My dinner tonight consisted of almost everything from Trader Joe’s.  I normally would rather whip something up at home but sometimes work just kicks my butt and I can’t even fathom going home only to start chopping and mixing and stirring.  You know what I mean!  I swung by TJ’s on my way home to pick up some soy milk that I needed and then decided to grab something for dinner.  I wound up choosing a Spicy Lentil Wrap.  This wrap is stuffed full of lentils and bulgur, green onion, cabbage and parsley and seasoned with cumin and red pepper.  It comes with a spicy tahini sauce which is pretty tasty but I still like the one I made from Vecon better.  For dessert I picked up some Asian pears, I love how crisp and juicy they are.  I can’t figure out if they taste more like an apple or a pear to me.  Texturally they’re in a class by themselves.  And what’s a juicy pear without a big ol’ blob of Dark Chocolate Dreams by Peanut Butter & Co.  I’d like to visit PB & Co when we visit New York this month.  I need to get busy with some research on where I want to go (read: eat) while in the Big Apple…(do people who live in NY use that term?). 

Spicy Lentil wrap from Trader Joe’s.  The carton says one serving but I could only eat half, I saved half the sauce too, for lunch tomorrow.

A peek inside

With a little dipping sauce, spicy (but not too!)

A crispy Asian pear with a blob, as any good pear should not be seen out in public without.

And Dino relaxing on my blanket covered sofa (I like to save guests from the dreaded cat fur coat that they sometimes leave my house with).  The blankets only come off for special occasions (like grandma’s flatware).  You can see Sammy’s tail draped over the back of the sofa if you look closely, and you ask why my furniture is covered in blankets?


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