Baking for Moms

We’re hosting a Mother’s day brunch at my house tomorrow.  The weather has been beautiful so the plan is to eat outside.  I’m in charge of baked goods and potatoes and I turned to Vegan Brunch for both.  The plan is to make Lemon Poppyseed and Coffee Chip Muffins as well as a Blueberry Coffee Cake.  I’m going to make mini muffins instead of full size ones so everyone can have a morsel of sweetie without getting too full for the main course which sis is bringing.  R. and T. went to the strawberry stand and picked up a flat of big juicy berries so we should be eating quite well.  Near disaster was averted when I realized my fridge didn’t seem to be working.  I had noticed that it wasn’t making ice a few days ago and my water wasn’t as chilly as normal, when R. (handy guy that he is) took a look at it he said the fan in the freezer wasn’t working.  So rather than repairing a 10 year-old refrigerator I ran over to Howard’s and bought a new one which will be delivered tomorrow, yahoo!  I had really wanted a retro looking fridge from Northstar or Big Chill but I really didn’t have three or four thousand dollars hanging around, so I went with a GE and I’m even getting the Government rebate of $200.  I picked out a side-by-side with a water dispenser in the door….Good-bye Brita.  This is a first for me and kind of fun I think!  So back to the baking.  The first thing I made after all the refrigerator commotion was the Lemon Poppyseed Muffins.  D (the sweetheart) bought me a new Microplane zester and does it ever work spectacularly.  I love it!  My other zester turned the peel into lemon mush, this one sends out fine little threads of lemony goodness, just lovely! 

Here’s a little baking hint…if you have a brand new microplane and accidently zest your knuckles, try not to get lemon juice on the zested knuckles.

Fresh lemon juice squeezed on an antique juicer

A mouthful of lemony goodness


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