Just a Walk In the Park

After a marvelous brunch where everyone oohed and aaaawed over the food and the baby, and after getting the leftovers situated in my new fridge, we still had to do the weekly grocery shopping.  The Coffee Chip Muffins and Diner Potatoes were a hit by the way.  Actually everything I’ve made out of Vegan Brunch has been delicious when I think about it.  The weather was a little gloomy so we ate inside and even though my house is small we always make do and no one minded balancing a plate on their lap as they passed around little K. like a hot potato.  We decided, like my cats who are “be with kitties”, K. is a “be with kiddy”.  He is happiest when he is being held by someone.  Aren’t we all??  So instead of going straight to the grocery store though we detoured to Gumm Park, who knew a little piece of wildflower wilderness was tucked right in our own back yard.  We wandered the trails listening to the birds and marveling at the wash of colors and nearly forgot we were two minutes away from city traffic.  What a surprise!

Sunshine yellow and a touch of lavender.  How does nature know what colors go together like that?

The trail

Right after I took this picture of the hawk he swooped down and captured a field critter, the circle of life

I always wanted a tree house like this when I was a kid

A palm tree reminder that you’re still in Southern California

This is the worlds laziest hummingbird.  He actually took a break and sat still on this branch for a while

Layers of color and texture, just like a Bob Ross painting


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