First Harvest

Guess what I had for dinner????  A salad with a base of lettuce fresh picked from my little garden.  Did it taste better? I believe it did, maybe just because I grew it myself.  There’s something about watching the plants grow that gives me a thrill and then making a delicious salad from all that homegrown goodness is just a bonus.  Besides lettuce I had a little tiny avocado, 2 little carrots chopped up, a half of a persian cuke, a handful of sugarplum tomatoes, a sliced green onion, a squeeze of half of a lemon, a splash of olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper.  This was a bowlful of crunch and flavor!  I also heated up the leftover Diner Potatoes from brunch yesterday…these actually taste even more delicious the next day.  The crispiness has kind of been lost from the potatoes but the onion and green pepper have had a chance to turn loose their flavoriciousness and absorb into the potatoes.  Then for dessert, the last piece of Blueberry Coffee Cake, the fresh blueberries and touch of lemon zest made this version of a standby a winner.

First Lettuce Harvest

Directly into the salad spinner

The rest of the goodies

Tossed in the bowl with the dressing

Potatoes bowled over

And for dessert????


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