Strawberry Festival

This morning they had a bit about the Strawberry Festival on the news and while Oxnard is pretty close since D. has to work tomorrow I don’t think I wan t to drive up there by myself so I decided to bring the festival to me.  Thacker Berry Farms just opened a stand on the corner right outside my neighborhood and Vegetarian Times had a recipe for Strawberry Cobbler in the May/June issue so what better way to celebrate?  I chatted with the gal at the stand for a bit and she told me to keep the berries fresh for up to 12 days I should line a Tupperware container with paper towel then place the berries in one layer and then place another layer of paper towel on top.  After slicing up three baskets of berries for the 6 cups needed for the recipe I still had some left over.  I ate a few with my lunch and then packed the rest up.  I may freeze some if it doesn’t look like I’ll be eating them all up right away.  I stopped at Whole Foods and picked up a pint of Good Karma Very Vanilla Rice Divine to top off the cobbler, can’t wait for dessert.  I know,  I know…I have to wait what choice is there unless of course I sneak a bit, no one will notice.

Talk about a strawberry festival, this is a strawberry rave

All sliced up, the recipe said to cut the berries in half but since most of these were huge I quartered them.

Sugared and splashed with lemon and ready for the pan

The topping blended up with my vintage pastry blender…love that thing!

Hot and bubblin’ from the oven


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