Fava Fave

Who knew it took so much effort to get one tiny bowl of fava beans ready for a recipe.  I had no clue! I got a pound of them in my CSA shipment last week and cruised the Internet looking for recipes.  I settled on a Fava Bean and Pasta toss that looked simple to throw together…little did I know.  This afternoon I thought I’d get down to preparing dinner and then relaxing to watch the season finale of Survivor (I’m rooting for Russel, but fear he’s dug himself a hole that even he can’t climb out of).  I got out my bag ‘o beans and set to work shelling the little buggers.  They come in special little packages that actually look like the foam clamshell packing boxes.  Each little bean sits nestled in a foam lined bed that’s custom fitted to the individual, I know, how exclusive, huh?  Once you get them all shelled that pound of beans turns into a small mound ‘o beans.  But no, you’re not done yet.  They still have a protective skin that they need to be relieved of.  To do this you have to steam them for a minute or two and then the skin slips right off.  Now your mound ‘o beans has turned into a small pile ‘o beans.  At this point I still needed to make the pesto for the recipe, cook the pasta, chop a bunch of stuff and I just hung it all up and popped the fava fave beans in the fridge with plans of a pasta toss on tomorrow’s horizon.

Nestled all snug in their beds

Pile of packing material

Not quite ready…they need to be completely nude before they’re edible

Naked and ready for some tossing with pasta (this is not like tossed salad if that’s what you’re thinking)


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