The Continuing Saga of the Fava Bean

So I managed to finish putting together my Fava Bean and Pasta toss and it was pretty tasty if I do say so myself…which I do because I just said so.  The homemade Pesto from VWAV is out of this world.  I added the optional nooch but I had to leave out the two teaspoons of lemon juice.  I was out of fresh lemons and T’s bottle of lemon juice expired back in January…yuck.  I went outside and pretended to wander aimlessly by my neighbor’s lemon tree to see if there was any low hanging fruit.  Wouldn’t you know it about that time the clown car of traffic decides to start flowing down my street.  There’s just no way to look unobtrusive clinging face first to a wooden fence in a bright orange t-shirt that just screams “Lemon Thief”.  So I slunk back into my house…lemonless and slightly chagrined (only slightly though, if it had been under cover of darkness I would have filched).  You would think after living next door to these people for nearly 10 years I could ask them if I could please have one of their lemons without having to sneak around like a thief in the night!  But I digress…the Pesto was still delish and brought the whole pasta toss together nicely.  Now for the fava bean part…I can’t say that they added anything to or took anything away from this dish.  I tasted the tanginess of the sun-dried tomatoes, the salty pungent taste of the pesto, the toothsomeness of the roasted red peppers, and the smoothness of the artichoke hearts, but the sad little cluster of fava beans actually did nothing for the dish.  Maybe next time I’ll try a recipe where they’re the stars!  I just can’t imagine how many pounds of the things you’d have to buy and shell and steam to make more than one falafel ball!

Pesto in the Vita Mix, pretty emerald green stuff

The rest of the stuff

The finished dish in a Buddha Bowl


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