The Earl of Sandwich

The Earl’s story is a sad one, not only did his wife go insane, his lover was murdered by a rejected suitor.  He did leave us with the lovely creation of the sandwich, although he isn’t credited with inventing it, only making it popular.  It’s rumored that because he was so busy (sound familiar?) with his military duties that he requested his valet to bring his meat between two slices of bread so he could keep working.  Now I don’t feel so bad about all the lunches I’ve eaten at my desk while plugging away at the computer.  Another story has him asking for the meat between bread because he didn’t want to interrupt his card game.  Then his card cronies told their servants to bring them the same as Sandwich.  Thus the sandwich got its name.  In any case sandwiches are convenient ways to eat all kinds of yummy ingredients between slices of delicious bread.  I think the bread is the most important ingredient.  I picked up some rustic rolls at TJ’s this afternoon, I just ran in there for some almonds and $32 dollars later I was on my way home, I hate when that happens.  I also grabbed an eggplant and some hummus with the idea of having a sandwich dinner.  I had a hair appointment after work so I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of cooking time.  So my sandwich was a medley of hummus, roasted eggplant slices sprinkled with black pepper and smoked paprika before I baked them.  I also sautéed up a whole mess of green peppers and onions which I needed to use up in my quest to clean out the fridge.  Then I layered on some of the leftover sun-dried tomatoes from my fava bean toss and mashed the whole thing in the panini press for a couple of minutes.  Oh my that was one delish sandwich…I have enough of all the ingredients to make one for lunch tomorrow too, I might throw a few roasted red peppers on that one.  My camera settings were off so my pictures turned out lousy but I discovered it too late to retake them all, oh well!

Salted and draining off all the bitterness…should be so easy huh

Seasoned and ready to bake…that smokey paprika really jazzes up an eggplant (look I forgot to sprinkle one)

A mess of onions and peppers

The most important sandwich ingredient

Piled high

Ready to munch


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