A Fast Day

Every once in while I like to take a day and just juice fast.  Usually this occurs when I’m feeling tired or have been eating too much stuff that weighs me down or even when I’m having allergy attacks.  I don’t usually do water fasts, I get too shaky feeling and I don’t do this more than 24 to 48 hours.  This is all just personal preference, there are so many different kinds of fasts out there all claiming some miracle cure from one dread condition or another.  I just make it up as I go along and don’t expect miracles.  Today I woke up feeling like I had a hangover which is weird because while I did have one Shocktop after dinner while I viewed my DVR’d Glee, I wouldn’t think it would make me feel hungover.  I found though that I don’t seem to metabolize alcohol the same as I did when I was a younger party girl version of myself.  But this feeling gave me the perfect opportunity to try a juice fast.  Yesterday at TJ’s I picked up a Green protein drink and that started off the day.  I really liked it and for a bottled juice it was pretty darn good.  The ingredient list consists of Apple juice, strawberry, banana and mango purees, white grape juice, broccoli, barley grass, spinach, wheat grass, parsley, ginger root, blue-green algae, and odorless garlic.  Quite a line-up, I would say.  There were two servings in a bottle so I sipped one during my morning conference call and had the other fo lunch.  I skipped dinner because I was stuck in traffic for an hour coming home from mom’s with a new fabric stash.  Love to hate the 405 during a traffic jam. 

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