Garden Update

Oddly enough the hangover feeling continued today so maybe it’s some kind of bug and not the fact that I can’t even handle one beer anymore.  Anyway that left me without much of an appetite so I thought it would be a good idea to post a garden update.  My zucchini is just taking over the place however I don’t see any zukes yet.  Bell Peppers are popping out all over and my lettuce has been harvested for a number of salads already.  My eggplants are coming into their own with several little guys just starting out.  Nothing from the cukes yet…what is it with zukes and cukes (that’s me trying to be funny even in the face of nausea).  The tomato though, oh what a tomato.  It’s nearly to the top of the little cagey thing I planted it in.  there are little tiny tomato guys all over it and guess what else…the tomato worms have found a home.  They have drilled little holes in many of the leaves and I just know they’ll be starting on the fruit any minute.  This is a tomato crisis and while I don’t want to use chemicals on my plants I also don’t want them eaten except by humans!  All the research said I have to pick them of by hand…hmm, I don’t know about that.  A trip to the nursery is in order tonight.

Mini bell pepper, so cute.  Can you see those holes in the tomato leaves right behind it…blah!

Eggplant blossom ready to turn into an eggplant


More tomatoes

Even my jasmine is in bloom

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